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Matt Miner & Creees Returning to Royal Collectibles for “Lab Raider” issue 1!

Come celebrate the release of Black Mask’s “Lab Raider” issue 1!

We’re very excited to announce that Matt Miner and Creees will be doing a signing at our shop on Wednesday, June 5th. They’re very special guests to us and we’re glad to have them back at Royal Collectibles. Both Miner and Creees will be here in support of their Black Mask book, “Lab Raider.”

We hope to see everyone come out to support Matt Miner and Creees for the release of “Lab Raider” #1. This will be their second time at Royal. As always, feel free to get your copy of “Lab Raider” #1 signed, along with any other of Matt Miner’s works. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Royal Collectibles featured in Prime Studios’ documentary!

Steven Biscotti featured in Prime Studios’ Royal Collectibles documentary.

Last month I had the great opportunity to speak with a friend and customer, Justyn Candelaria, in regards to his documentary he wished to film for his class final. Royal Collectibles is a special place for me, especially as it’s been my local comic shop since they first opened doors in the early 90’s. You could view the documentary below!

To be able to speak about everyone’s friendly neighborhood comic shop (we are located in Forest Hills, after all!) brought me sincere joy and I hope you have fun watching. Justyn Candelaria created a fun and entertaining documentary that is very much a lover letter to Royal Collectibles and I’m honored to be a small part in a store that means so much to so many.

You could find Justyn Candelaria, on Instagram, at @primecriticentertainment in which he discusses all the things in pop culture film and tv that we enjoy, along with endeavoring to review every single episode of one of his favorite shows, “The Orville.

(Steven Biscotti)

Khary Randolph

EXCELLENCE! Khary Randolph Signing at Royal!

Artist Khary Randolph will be appearing at Royal!

One of our favorite artists and guests at Royal Collectibles is, hands down, Khary Randolph! Khary, one of the hardest working artists today, will be joining us on Saturday, May 18th from 1 to 4 pm. His new Image comic, Excellence #1, releases this week and he’ll be here to sign all the comics!

Saturday, May 18th

For those interested, we will be providing CGC services for the Khary Randolph signing. The cost for grading will be $40. Feel free to bring in your TechJacket, Mosaic, Spider-Gwen, We Are Robin books, along with picking up Excellence #1.

Khary’s always a fun guest to have and we hope to see you all this Saturday, May 11th!

Have any questions? Always feel free to ask!