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Royal Collectibles to Celebrate Batman Day!

Batman Day is almost here.

On Saturday, September 21 is Batman Day. Your friendly neighborhood comic shop will be your destination for a day of Bat-Mania from 10 am to 8 pm. We have quite a few things worth breaking out of Arkham for; be sure to take a look at the flyer below.

  • Everything Batman related in the store will be 20% off,
  • along with select Batman statues being marked down to new low prices.
  • Any purchase will allow you to enter a raffle for either a Batman or Joker related Mystery Prize Box. (1 entry per person.)
  • Free Batman Day Special comic. (1 each per person.)

You don’t want to miss out on Batman Day 2019 so be sure to stop by your friendly neighborhood comic shop. If we can’t persuade you to take a sandwich with you to Batman Day, then we recommend getting Drive-Thru down the block

…and if you didn’t get that last reference, sorry, but we’re going to have to revoke your Batman fan license!

Batman Day is Saturday, September 21st.

Creator Signing Alert: Larry Stroman and Keith Williams.

A creator signing you don’t want to miss!

Royal friends and family! We hope you’ve all had an amazing summer. We had some pretty incredible guests over the past few months – Vanesa R. Del Rey, Tom Travers, and Lula Lukas, to name a few. However, summer 2019 isn’t over yet and we have two very special guests coming to the shop – Larry Stroman and Keith Williams.

Larry Stroman and Keith Williams will be here on Saturday, September 14th from 2 to 5 pm. Aside from signing comics, both Stroman and Williams will be taking commission requests. Commissions and sketches will be at the artists’ discretion and time permitting.

We’ll also be providing CGC witnessing services on Saturday for those interested in submitting books to be signed and possibly remarked by ONLY Larry Stroman and Keith Williams. For any interested, be sure to see one of us on the day of to submit your books.

See you this weekend and stay tuned for more events and signings at your friendly neighborhood comic shop.

This August, Prepare for Cates’ & Stegman’s “Absolute Carnage”!

Get ready for Donny Cates’ and Ryan Stegman’s latest event comic!

We all love our trailers for the latest movies and tv shows that we cannot wait to countdown to or binge watch. We live in a very trailer centric culture in which we can devour every aspect of the entertainment we love and this has now, for a little while now, touched into the world of comic books. Check out the first trailer for Marvel’s latest event comic – “Absolute Carnage.”

Absolute Carnage tells the story: After turning Venom’s world upside down a year ago, DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN are about to put the Sinister Symbiote through hell again, only this time CARNAGE has come calling, and everyone who’s ever worn a symbiote is dead in his sights! He’s skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but Cletus Kasady at last stands poised to make his grand return to New York in a blistering triple-sized story…and he wants to paint the town red!

If you’re excited about “Absolute Carnage” and you don’t want to miss out on maximum fun, let us know and we could add this title to your pull list. And if you don’t have a pull list, we could set one up for you. It’s free to set up, you get 10% off your weekly pulls, and a guaranteed copy in case it sells out.

The blockbuster event starts in August (although fans will see the threads reaching as far back as AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252, with connections to almost every Venom and Carnage story since) and re-teams Cates with VENOM‘s Ryan Stegman and colorist Frank Martin for the deadliest story in the Marvel Universe!


“Absolute Carnage” releases on Wednesday, August 7th.

This Month at Royal: Artist Vanesa R. Del Rey!

Vanesa R. Del Rey is coming to Royal!

We’re very excited to announce that Vanesa R. Del Rey will be coming to our shop on Wednesday, July 24th from 4 to 7 pm! This will be the first time that the artist behind Black Widow, Hit, The Empty Man, and more will be at Royal Collectibles! We can’t wait to have her at the shop and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

Aside from signing comics, selling art prints, and original work, Vanesa R. Del Rey will also be doing small 5 x 9 sketches for $60. Please keep in mind that sketches are based on Vanesa’s discretion and time permitting.

We hope to see you all on Wednesday, July 24th!

Be sure to follow Vanesa R. Del Rey on Instagram and Twitter.

Writer Cameron DeOrdio & Artist Soo Lee are Coming to Royal This Month!

The creative team behind Charlie’s Angels/Bionic Woman are heading to Royal.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We’re very excited to announce our first signing for this month – artist Soo Lee and writer Cameron DeOrdio. They’re the creative team behind this month’s new comic series, Charlie’s Angels/Bionic Woman.

ad for upcoming store event

Cameron DeOrdio (Josie & the Pussycats) and Soo Lee (Strange Attractors, Fight Like a Girl) will be at Royal on Saturday, July 20th from 3 to 7 pm. Be sure to get your comics signed and, time permitting, Soo Lee will be available for sketches/commissions at her discretion.

We can’t wait to host Cameron DeOrdio (who’s no stranger to our shop) and Soo Lee and we hope to see all of you for what will surely be a fun day.

Be sure to follow Soo Lee on Instagram and Twitter, along with Cameron DeOrdio on Instagram and Twitter, as well.

Are You Royally Excited About Our 1st Ever POP Swap?

The Royal Collectibles Pop Swap is coming this Saturday.

One of our best selling of collectibles is easily the Funko Pop vinyl figures. From Pops of DC and Marvel characters – to Pops based off of some of your favorite television and movies, there’s nearly a Pop for all of your interests. They’re small, they don’t take up too much space (depending on how big a collector you are), and they only cost $10.99! We like Pops, we know you like Pops, and that’s why we’re holding our first ever Pop Swap on Saturday, June 29th!

From 12 to 4 pm on Saturday, June 29th, we’ll be hosting our first ever Pop Swap in the back yard / driveway area of our Forest Hills Royal Collectibles store.

We hope to see you there, especially if you have Pops that you’re looking to potentially trade with like minded collectors and fans. We’ll be providing light refreshments, along with bringing back our Royal Pop Wheel of Prizes for those that were here or missed the excitement from this year’s Free Comic Book Day. We’ll also have a selection of discounted Pops at the price of $5 bucks.

Along with raffles for exclusive pops, we do have to mention the following disclaimer:

Royal will not be responsible for trades and purchases between the public. Please shop smart and all sales are final. Please be courteous, respectful, and remember that we’re all fans. And le’s have some fun along the way!

Royal Collectibles

The 1st ever Royal Pop Swap is this coming Saturday, June 29th! For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.