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Are You Royally Excited About Our 1st Ever POP Swap?

The Royal Collectibles Pop Swap is coming this Saturday.

One of our best selling of collectibles is easily the Funko Pop vinyl figures. From Pops of DC and Marvel characters – to Pops based off of some of your favorite television and movies, there’s nearly a Pop for all of your interests. They’re small, they don’t take up too much space (depending on how big a collector you are), and they only cost $10.99! We like Pops, we know you like Pops, and that’s why we’re holding our first ever Pop Swap on Saturday, June 29th!

From 12 to 4 pm on Saturday, June 29th, we’ll be hosting our first ever Pop Swap in the back yard / driveway area of our Forest Hills Royal Collectibles store.

We hope to see you there, especially if you have Pops that you’re looking to potentially trade with like minded collectors and fans. We’ll be providing light refreshments, along with bringing back our Royal Pop Wheel of Prizes for those that were here or missed the excitement from this year’s Free Comic Book Day. We’ll also have a selection of discounted Pops at the price of $5 bucks.

Along with raffles for exclusive pops, we do have to mention the following disclaimer:

Royal will not be responsible for trades and purchases between the public. Please shop smart and all sales are final. Please be courteous, respectful, and remember that we’re all fans. And le’s have some fun along the way!

Royal Collectibles

The 1st ever Royal Pop Swap is this coming Saturday, June 29th! For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Matt Miner & Creees Returning to Royal Collectibles for “Lab Raider” issue 1!

Come celebrate the release of Black Mask’s “Lab Raider” issue 1!

We’re very excited to announce that Matt Miner and Creees will be doing a signing at our shop on Wednesday, June 5th. They’re very special guests to us and we’re glad to have them back at Royal Collectibles. Both Miner and Creees will be here in support of their Black Mask book, “Lab Raider.”

We hope to see everyone come out to support Matt Miner and Creees for the release of “Lab Raider” #1. This will be their second time at Royal. As always, feel free to get your copy of “Lab Raider” #1 signed, along with any other of Matt Miner’s works. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Royal Collectibles featured in Prime Studios’ documentary!

Steven Biscotti featured in Prime Studios’ Royal Collectibles documentary.

Last month I had the great opportunity to speak with a friend and customer, Justyn Candelaria, in regards to his documentary he wished to film for his class final. Royal Collectibles is a special place for me, especially as it’s been my local comic shop since they first opened doors in the early 90’s. You could view the documentary below!

To be able to speak about everyone’s friendly neighborhood comic shop (we are located in Forest Hills, after all!) brought me sincere joy and I hope you have fun watching. Justyn Candelaria created a fun and entertaining documentary that is very much a lover letter to Royal Collectibles and I’m honored to be a small part in a store that means so much to so many.

You could find Justyn Candelaria, on Instagram, at @primecriticentertainment in which he discusses all the things in pop culture film and tv that we enjoy, along with endeavoring to review every single episode of one of his favorite shows, “The Orville.

(Steven Biscotti)

Khary Randolph

EXCELLENCE! Khary Randolph Signing at Royal!

Artist Khary Randolph will be appearing at Royal!

One of our favorite artists and guests at Royal Collectibles is, hands down, Khary Randolph! Khary, one of the hardest working artists today, will be joining us on Saturday, May 18th from 1 to 4 pm. His new Image comic, Excellence #1, releases this week and he’ll be here to sign all the comics!

Saturday, May 18th

For those interested, we will be providing CGC services for the Khary Randolph signing. The cost for grading will be $40. Feel free to bring in your TechJacket, Mosaic, Spider-Gwen, We Are Robin books, along with picking up Excellence #1.

Khary’s always a fun guest to have and we hope to see you all this Saturday, May 11th!

Have any questions? Always feel free to ask!

Free Comic Book Day

It’s Almost Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD is the 1st Saturday in May!

Free Comic Book Day, a nationwide event, is almost here. On Saturday, May 4th we’ll be hosting FCBD at our Forest Hills shop. We have a lot going on so be sure to stop by.

For Free Comic Book Day 2019, as always, we will be offering 2 Free Official FCBD comics per person- they will be located on the main shelf and every issue will bear the FCBD logo.

We’ll also be selling our next wave of Royal merch! Our new shirt will be on sale ($15), along with a new tote ($10). The shirt is free with every purchase of $150 and the Royal Tote Bag is free with every purchase of $100.

We know so many of you love Funko Pops and for this year, we’ll have a Spin the Pop Wheel for a chance to win prizes and discounts. Any Funko Pop purchase allows you to spin the wheel. This is going to be a lot of fun and yet another activity to add to the excitement of FCBD!

We hope to see you on Saturday, May 4th for Free Comic Book Day!

Vita Ayala

Comic Writer Vita Ayala Appearing at Royal Collectibles!

Valiant’s Livewire writer is coming to Royal.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be having Vita Ayala at our shop this month. Ayala will be appearing on Wednesday, April 24th from 5 to 8 pm. Aside from Valiant’s Livewire, we also have a select amount of some of their past books including Batman Beyond, Suicide Squad, and Marvel Knights.

Vita Ayala

I’m personally very excited to have Vita at the shop because they wrote one of the best Supergirl issues of all time – issue #19. Supergirl meets a non-binary teen and Ayala uses the framework of a super hero story to tell a far more important story about gender, identity, and the importance of being an ally to those that society sometimes forgets to stand by. As a big fan of the Man of Steel and his Super cousin, it was this issue that I often spoke of being one of the best “Super” stories written! (Steven of Royal)

We hope to see you soon at your friendly neighborhood comic shop and please come out to support one of the most important voices in the industry right now, Vita Ayala!

Vita Ayala could be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Jeff Edwards

Autobots, Roll Out! Transformer’s Cover Artist Jeff Edwards is Appearing at Royal!

Jeff Edwards is coming to your friendly neighborhood comic shop this April!

With just a few days left in March, we’re ready to announce that Jeff Edwards, the cover artist for IDW’s “Transformers” series will be appearing at our shop. We’re looking forward to having him on Sunday, April 7th from 1 to 6 pm.

Jeff will be bringing an exclusive variant which will be sold for $20, along with a free signature if you’d like. Remarks and larger commissions will be available at Jeff’s discretion and with time permitting, of course.

Please feel free to share! Ad designed by Erin Belfiore.

We hope all of you Transformers fans will roll out to Royal for the Jeff Edwards signing.

Jeff Edwards will be appearing Sunday, April 7th from 1 to 6 pm.

royal collectibles astoria

#MakingStoriesMatter with Royal Collectibles Astoria, Russ Braun, and Lisa Y. Wu.

Lisa Y. Wu talks to Diane and Nick of Royal Collectibles Astoria.

For anyone that follows us on social media – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or has been to the shop in Forest Hills, you’ll know that we just opened a second comic shop in Astoria. If you only know us through this site, we just opened a second comic shop! We’re very excited to have the opportunity to expand the Royal Collectibles name past Metropolitan Avenue and with so much good will we have received as news broke, we’ve also received many questions. Yesterday we had the opportunity to tell our story.

As my first duty as VP of Sales and Marketing of A Wave Blue World, I want to connect the comic book community together. I wanted to start locally by highlighting the retailers of my local comic shop Royal Collectibles Astoria , Nick and Diane, and my friend local artist Russ Braun who has a comic coming out on Free Comic Book Day from Comics AHOY! #MakingStoriesMatter #ComicsPosted by Lisa Y. Wu on Monday, March 25, 2019

Thank you to Lisa Y. Wu, the newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing of A Wave Blue World and former Retailer Relations at Aftershock Comics, for giving us the time to talk about Royal Collectibles Astoria through her #MakingStoriesMatter initiative. We were very excited when she reached out to Diane Lazauskas in regards to the project; in telling a new story with such ease and confidence would not be possible it if weren’t for the continued heart that Diane continually puts into Royal Collectibles. If we really want to make stories matter together, it’s the recognition that a vision could only become a reality because of the continual dedication of those that are committed to the brand. We all get to enjoy this friendly neighborhood comic shop thanks to so many great people and many of those great people are YOU!

Be sure to follow Royal Collectibles Astoria on Instagram and Facebook, along with Russ Braun on Instagram. Don’t forget to also follow Lisa Y. Wu at @TheWuReport on Instagram and Twitter.

Also be sure to visit Royal Collectibles Astoria at 45-03 Broadway in Astoria, NY 11103.

Detecive Comics 1000

Detective Comics 1000 Midnight Release at Royal Collectibles!

Royal Collectibles will be hosting its fourth midnight release opening for Detective Comics #1000.

We’re very excited to announce that our next midnight release will be on Tuesday, March 26th in support of DC Comics’ Detective Comics #1000. Royal Collectibles will be re-opening at 11:45 pm on Tuesday, March 26th and we will be selling all main 12 covers being offered. The covers will be available while supplies last.

Detective Comics #1000

We’ve previously held midnight releases for DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock issue 1, Action Comics #1000, and Batman #50. To mark this special landmark occasion, the first 50 people to arrive will get a free Detective Comics #27 magnet. There will also be light refreshments for all those that attend.

So, be sure to mark the midnight release for Detective Comics #1000 on your bat-calendars, bat-phones, or wherever it may be that you take your notes and we’ll see you soon at the same bat-comic shop, same bat-time.

Are you excited for the release of Detective Comics #1000? Let us know!

Captain Marvel Day

Captain Marvel Day!

Royal Collectibles to celebrate “Captain Marvel Day” on Saturday, March 16th!

This month looks to be quite the Marvel-ous one for us at Royal and all of our loyal customers. One of the biggest movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is opening, Captain Marvel, and we’ll be celebrating it by giving Carol Danvers the Royal treatment – a Captain Marvel Day! On Saturday, March 16th, get ready to go higher, further, faster!

Captain Marvel Day

Following the release of Captain Marvel on International Women’s Day, Royal Collectibles will be hosting Captain Marvel Day, the weekend after, which is promising to be one of our most fun events yet! We’re very excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with artist Keyla Valerio on an exclusive Captain Marvel print ($20) that will only be available at Royal. Keyla Valerio will also be here at the shop, signing prints from 1 to 4 pm. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to GIRLS, INC. We’re equally excited about GIRLS, INC. as they are a nonprofit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy.

From 1 to 4 pm, Captain Marvel will be appearing at the shop. Professional cosplayer Samantha Leigh Catalano could be found on Instagram @samanthas_cosplay and, as you could see, she totally rocks as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. As always, please be respectful and no one wants to see Captain Marvel tap into her binary powers, except when facing skrulls.

While we are celebrating Women’s History all month long at Royal Collectibles, we will be offering 20% off on any female character in Funko Pop, action figure, graphic novel, or statue form on Captain Marvel Day – Saturday. March 16th from store hours of 10 to 8 pm. So if you’re looking to catch up on Carol Danvers’ comic book adventures and maybe you even want to pick up a pop of Goose the Cat (she’s female), you get 20% off. Or maybe you just want to check out Mariko Tamaki’s masterful run on She-Hulk, that’s 20% off, as well. That’s what we’d call Marvel-ous and Sensational!

We hope to see you all on Captain Marvel Day (Saturday, March 16th) as it will certainly be a lot of fun.

Be sure to check out the “Upcoming Events” section for the latest on what’s happening this month at Royal Collectibles and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.