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Royal Collectibles is located in Spider-man’s own hometown: Forest Hills, Queens, NY!

96-01 Metropolitan Avenue

Forest Hills NY 11375

Phone number:

(718) 793-0542


If you’re looking for our second store, Royal Sports & Entertainment, located at 96-11 Metropolitan Avenue, they can be reached at:

(718) 261-5111 or

Royal Sports & Entertainment specializes in sports memorabilia, autographs, Hollywood memorabilia, Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh/Magic the Gathering trading cards, and much more!!

6 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Mike

    Hey there, I couldn’t find any info regarding manga. I am looking for a series in particular called “Tokyo Ghoul”, do you happen to have any novels in stock? Thanks in advance.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there, we do have a small manga section in our back issue room. Currently we have Tokyo Ghoul volumes 4 through 10 in stock. 1 through 3 are on order for restock in a week or so. Thanks!!

  2. Angel

    Hello was just wondering do you buy retro games and systems? I have a gamecube system with all the cables and a few games. And some other games from various systems. I also have an original playstation with no cables or controllers. Just the console itself. Let me know if you buy these items. I am looking to sell them all. Thanx

  3. mike

    Do you guys buy trading cards? If so, what type of cards do you typically look for and is it possible for me to get a value estimate before I came in? Thank you.

    1. admin Post author


      Buying and selling trading cards (sports, pokemon, magic, yugioh) is handled at our second location (located on the same block, a few doors down from us). If you’d like to inquire about selling, please contact them at (718)261-5111 or



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