New York Comic Con 2016 News


For those of you who are not on the New York Comic Con mailing list, you may have missed the news just announced today. They will be changing the ticketing process this year, the gist being that you MUST fill out a “Fan Verification” application BEFORE attempting to buy tickets to NYCC. You will be able to fill out the Fan Verification application between May 20th and June 13th. They are doing this to assure that an individual BUYING a ticket to NYCC intends on GOING to NYCC (in other words, no scalpers!).

The other major change is that tickets this year will ONLY be sold online. No stores will be selling them, there will be no events where you can get them early. When NYCC announces the date tickets will go on sale on their website – that’s the only place and time you can get ’em!

To read the full article and list of changes/requirements, go here:

So fill out your Fan Verification applications on the NYCC website this Friday if you plan on going!

We wish you all the best of luck this year in obtaining your NYCC tickets and hope to see you at the show! We’ll be in our same spot as always, booth 2922!

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