Services Offered

  • Pull Lists – Set up a pull list at our shop for your weekly comics! Your comics will be set aside and waiting for you every Wednesday, all you have to do is remember to pick them up at least every 2 weeks and you save 10% off cover price! E-mail Diane at to get started!
  • CGC Submission Center – Royal Collectibles is an official CGC submission site. Bring us any comic books you may want to send out to be graded by CGC and we’ll submit them for you. We can also offer our professional opinion on the grade you can expect to receive.  E-mail Mike at for more information.
  • Free Appraisals/Buying Items – Bring us your comics, trading cards, or other collectibles and we’ll give you a free appraisal. If we are interested in purchasing from you, we will make you an offer on your item(s). We are licensed by NY State as second-hand dealers.


MONDAYS 1PM-5PM or FRIDAYS 1PM-5PM or if these times are not convenient, please call for an appointment (718) 793-0542

6 thoughts on “Services Offered

  1. Lou B.

    Hi…What are the prices for having books submitted to CGC through you? Please explain the procedure….Thank You!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lou, I’d be happy to give some info on CGC services. The prices for grading vary depending on the age of the book, the value, and the speed at which you’d like them graded. I will include a link to CGC’s fee chart at the end of this message – our prices are the same, but it can be a little tricky to understand. The comics would be submitted to us where we would securely pack and ship to CGC’s facility in Florida, fully insured. Our most common service is for Modern books (1975 to present) with a maximum value of $200. We charge $18 plus $6 for shipping for a total of $24 (per book). This has a turnaround time of approximately 2-3 months. There is an express service also available which would cut that turnaround time in half or more, but it is more expensive and since we usually have few submissions being sent out Express, you’d also have to bear a higher shipping cost (whereas with the Modern tier, your book(s) will share the shipping cost with other books we are submitting which brings it down to only $6 roundtrip).

      I highly suggest if you’re serious about getting your comics graded, stop in one day and speak to our owner, Mike. He can explain the whole process in and out and he can even give you advisement as to which books you should get graded and what their grade will likely be once submitted. People have different reasons for getting their comics graded – some for investment and re-selling purposes, sometimes for extra protection in storage or because they like the way they look in CGC’s case. Whichever is the case for you, we can definitely help you get started and find the services that fit best. Let me know if you have any further questions, thanks!


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