Services Offered

  • Pull Lists – Set up a pull list at our shop for your weekly comics! Your comics will be set aside and waiting for you every Wednesday, all you have to do is remember to pick them up at least every 2 weeks and you save 10% off cover price! E-mail Diane at to get started!
  • CGC Submission Center – Royal Collectibles is an official CGC submission site. Bring us any comic books you may want to send out to be graded by CGC and we’ll submit them for you. We can also offer our professional opinion on the grade you can expect to receive.  E-mail Mike at for more information.
  • Free Appraisals/Buying Items – Bring us your comics, trading cards, or other collectibles and we’ll give you a free appraisal. If we are interested in purchasing from you, we will make you an offer on your item(s). We are licensed by NY State as second-hand dealers.


MONDAYS 1PM-5PM or FRIDAYS 1PM-5PM or if these times are not convenient, please call for an appointment (718) 793-0542

4 thoughts on “Services Offered

  1. Nicole


    I have a few questions regarding the appraisals. Do you accept magic cards, autographed photos/books (not personalized) and promotional items from comic conventions that have some value on eBay (example a foam hand from Star Trek, Free Comics or Pins). Also is there a limit on how many items we can bring in?

    Will appraisals be available on the 15th? I wanted to double check since it’s a holiday.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Magic cards are at our second location – they do they buying and selling over there for those. You can reach them at or 718-261-5111 to see if they have any interest. As for the autographed books/promo items, it’s hard to say if we would be interested. If you’d like, you can send some photos of what you have to and we can take a look to see if we’d be interested. Thanks so much and let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Royal Collectibles

    1. admin Post author

      It depends on which ones, if you’d like to send us a list or even better would be a group photo of what you’re looking to sell, we can let you know if we’re interested. You can email us at Thanks!


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