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Take a look at Royal’s Upcoming Events!

March is a big month for us and all of our loyal Royal friends. You might even say, it’s a MARVEL-ous one! We have three major events coming up that we’re sure you will not want to miss. Running throughout this month is our March Madness sale, which you could view the details of below.

Upcoming Events

March Madness at Royal!

In support of Women’s History Month and the release of the upcoming “Captain Marvel,” we have Captain Marvel Day planned for Saturday, March 16th.

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Captain Marvel Day at Royal!

Alongside that, we’ll also be doing our second bookclub, on Thursday, March 21st, in which we’ll be discussing Margaret Stohl and Carlos Pacheco’s “The Life of Captain Marvel.” We have a sign up sheet at the store so if you love comics books and having a fun conversation alongside other fellow comic book readers, we hope to have you sign up and we’ll see you there. As you could see, quite a marvelous month indeed!

March is also a bigger and battier month for DC fans as Detective Comics reaches its #1000th issue. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting our next midnight release party for this monumental and historical issue. We will be re-opening our shop at 11:45 pm on Tuesday, March 26th to sell Detective Comics #1000. For full event details, please see the flyer below.

Upcoming Events

Answer the Bat-signal! Royal celebrates Detective #1000 with midnight release!

Have a fun month of March. Make it a Marvel-ous one. And we hope to see you soon.



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