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#MakingStoriesMatter with Royal Collectibles Astoria, Russ Braun, and Lisa Y. Wu.

Lisa Y. Wu talks to Diane and Nick of Royal Collectibles Astoria.

For anyone that follows us on social media – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or has been to the shop in Forest Hills, you’ll know that we just opened a second comic shop in Astoria. If you only know us through this site, we just opened a second comic shop! We’re very excited to have the opportunity to expand the Royal Collectibles name past Metropolitan Avenue and with so much good will we have received as news broke, we’ve also received many questions. Yesterday we had the opportunity to tell our story.

As my first duty as VP of Sales and Marketing of A Wave Blue World, I want to connect the comic book community together. I wanted to start locally by highlighting the retailers of my local comic shop Royal Collectibles Astoria , Nick and Diane, and my friend local artist Russ Braun who has a comic coming out on Free Comic Book Day from Comics AHOY! #MakingStoriesMatter #ComicsPosted by Lisa Y. Wu on Monday, March 25, 2019

Thank you to Lisa Y. Wu, the newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing of A Wave Blue World and former Retailer Relations at Aftershock Comics, for giving us the time to talk about Royal Collectibles Astoria through her #MakingStoriesMatter initiative. We were very excited when she reached out to Diane Lazauskas in regards to the project; in telling a new story with such ease and confidence would not be possible it if weren’t for the continued heart that Diane continually puts into Royal Collectibles. If we really want to make stories matter together, it’s the recognition that a vision could only become a reality because of the continual dedication of those that are committed to the brand. We all get to enjoy this friendly neighborhood comic shop thanks to so many great people and many of those great people are YOU!

Be sure to follow Royal Collectibles Astoria on Instagram and Facebook, along with Russ Braun on Instagram. Don’t forget to also follow Lisa Y. Wu at @TheWuReport on Instagram and Twitter.

Also be sure to visit Royal Collectibles Astoria at 45-03 Broadway in Astoria, NY 11103.

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