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Royal Collectibles to Celebrate Batman Day!

Batman Day is almost here.

On Saturday, September 21 is Batman Day. Your friendly neighborhood comic shop will be your destination for a day of Bat-Mania from 10 am to 8 pm. We have quite a few things worth breaking out of Arkham for; be sure to take a look at the flyer below.

  • Everything Batman related in the store will be 20% off,
  • along with select Batman statues being marked down to new low prices.
  • Any purchase will allow you to enter a raffle for either a Batman or Joker related Mystery Prize Box. (1 entry per person.)
  • Free Batman Day Special comic. (1 each per person.)

You don’t want to miss out on Batman Day 2019 so be sure to stop by your friendly neighborhood comic shop. If we can’t persuade you to take a sandwich with you to Batman Day, then we recommend getting Drive-Thru down the block

…and if you didn’t get that last reference, sorry, but we’re going to have to revoke your Batman fan license!

Batman Day is Saturday, September 21st.

Detecive Comics 1000

Detective Comics 1000 Midnight Release at Royal Collectibles!

Royal Collectibles will be hosting its fourth midnight release opening for Detective Comics #1000.

We’re very excited to announce that our next midnight release will be on Tuesday, March 26th in support of DC Comics’ Detective Comics #1000. Royal Collectibles will be re-opening at 11:45 pm on Tuesday, March 26th and we will be selling all main 12 covers being offered. The covers will be available while supplies last.

Detective Comics #1000

We’ve previously held midnight releases for DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock issue 1, Action Comics #1000, and Batman #50. To mark this special landmark occasion, the first 50 people to arrive will get a free Detective Comics #27 magnet. There will also be light refreshments for all those that attend.

So, be sure to mark the midnight release for Detective Comics #1000 on your bat-calendars, bat-phones, or wherever it may be that you take your notes and we’ll see you soon at the same bat-comic shop, same bat-time.

Are you excited for the release of Detective Comics #1000? Let us know!